Labour School

The main objectives of this program is to increase workers’ knowledge/skills, and giving them the necessary guidance to develop their roles and abilities by establishing the following:

  • Develop the workers’ capacities and their ability to recognize their economic and social rights, to express them and develop the necessary tools to defend them.
  • Clarify and support the correct concepts of trade unions and their role as independent organizations which represent the workers and help them defend their rights.
  • Develop the workers abilities and skills to raise the awareness of other workers and to encourage them to defend their rights.
  • Develop the skills and abilities of workers to use different methods to defend their economic and social rights by working as pressure groups or a group negotiating team.
  • Encourage the workers participation and raising their awareness of a unified labor movement in creating a more equitable society.

The school was developed to encourage and inspire creative and independent thought, develop the workers activities and support their feeling of independence. This helps them gain the ability of critical and analytical thought through reading the experiences of their colleagues and benefiting from them. This enables them to understand labor relations, define their features and establish the suitable action programs. 

The school adopts the problem solution techniques and interactive learning methods in all the training progeams.