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Sunday, May 1, 2016 - 14:58
The state expands every day in closing all margins of expression that had been available to citizens. Day after day the nature of the ruling regime is exposed. The regime does not tolerate any voice or opinion that opposes it. The space is only wide open in front of supporters and hypocrites.

Today, Egyptian security forces besieged all streets leading to the press syndicate using hundreds of soldiers led by a number of generals. These forces held all entry points leading to the syndicates in a tight grip and prevented anyone from approaching these entry points. All this was to prevent the conference by the Coordination Committee of Labour Freedoms that was to be held in the fourth floor of the syndicate on the occasion of May Day that all workers world wide celebrate. Around the world workers raise their demands on this day but in Egypt workers are banned from celebrating it. Authorities did not only confisicate the right of workers to celebrate their day but confiscated the day itself. The Egyptian state held a conference to celebrate Labour day on April 28 that was only attended by the union committee and the defunct Egyptian Labour Federation.

Canceling the labour conference is a clear message from authorities not only for the labour movement but to all democratic forces that they will not allow any voice of opposition.

The authorities revealed their true face that is hostile to freedoms and that its true policies are shutting mouths and closing the public space.

The position on labour freedoms has become clear. The regime that prevents unarmed workers by force from holding their conference in which they announce their demands will for sure have a position against workers right in establishing their own unions and will try to silence any voice demanding this right.

What the regime does not know and does not learn from the lessons of history is that no force can ban the voice of workers or confiscate their movement. The Egyptian labour movement is on going in its route of struggle for tier right in freedom and living with dignity.

The Labour Freedoms Coordination Committee

May 1, 2016


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