2014 Assassination of Union Freedom

Sunday, January 11, 2015 - 07:04
Prepared by
Center for Trade Unions and Workers Services (CTUWS)  
Assassination of Union Liberties -2014  
Year 2014 has been stuffed with all the pain left behind during year 2013, a year that have been marked with bloodsheds. Nevertheless, lots of people imagined that year 2014 would be a year of political participation and would witness the realization of democratic rights guaranteed  by the road map declared after the overthrowing of Muslim Brotherhood on the 30th of  July. However, the contrary has taken place. Although  2014 has witnessed the completion of the constitution drafted by the 50 committee” whereby a referendum has been passed in  January 2014, the referendum result was 98% in favor of the constitution, and though the same year has also witnessed presidential elections, this year was the year of politics mortality, when security solutions became and exclusive approach to  deal  with all crisis powered by the slogan of War against Terrorism 
Before the referendum, oppositions  have not allowed been to express their views. The media was content with defending the constitution and urging people to go and vote. Similarly, the presidential election was not a competitive nor  an equal race between Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and Mr. Hamdeen Al Sabahi. This was obviously clear through the election results, where Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi extremely conquered his only competitor and got 96,94% of the votes. 
However, in spite of the huge media campaigns that urged citizens to go and vote, participation was noticeably weak particularly among youth  and in the urban areas, The election committee, thus has unexpectedly extended election to a third day. It is worth mentioning that both the referendum and the presentational election have been conducted under Law No. 107/2013, organizing public meetings, demonstrations and peaceful protests. As per this law, several young leaders of the 25th January revolution have been imprisoned after declaring their  refusal for the law. This law enabled authorities to  confiscate the right of demonstration, which is considered the most prominent  sign of demolishing liberties. 
On the 5th, June, 2014 President Adly Mansour issued decree No. 45/ 2014 to issue a law regulating the exercise of political rights. Also, on the 5th, June he issued Presidential Decree No. 46/2014 to issue law of the House of Representatives. Thus, the law regulating political rights has been issued without a social dialogue which stands against principles of the constitution , 25th  of January and 30th  of June revolutions as well. 
The law has come to blow the whole political and parties life in Egypt. It has devoted 567 seats to independent candidates, and thus stood in favor of capitalism and tribalism, whereas only 120 -parliament seats have been left to the list system . According to  several observers, this law will end up with a parliament similar to the 2010 one. 
Year 2014 has also witnessed a notification made by the Minister of Solidarity on Friday, 18th , July to non-governmental organizations. The Minister has asked NGOs to start immediately settling their situation as per the new law Both local and international NGOs should instantly adjust their situations to comply with the Law of Non-Governmental Organizations (Law No. 84/ 2002)  within 45 day of this notification. They should attend to their relevant geographic Social Solidarity Office to adjust and settle their situations to avoid any exposure of accountability in accordance with the legislation and relevant laws 
Talking about trade unions freedom, year 2014 has witnessed extreme violations including different forms of pressure, oppression and intrusion by the Ministry of Manpower, which interfered  in the affairs of trade unions through arbitrary actions against  labor leaders. All these forms of violation have been labeled with the slogan of Rehabilitation of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) knowing that this federation was the arm of the Mubarak regime.
Year 2014 has arrived and still trade union freedom declaration is far from practice and is thoroughly violated by both the ETUF and other governmental authorities that are still managed by the old guards who kept their positions with not slight change. 
Year 2014 has witnessed unprecedented number of violations against union and labors rights in terms of amount and type. Talking about quantity, the year has witnessed almost daily labor protests calling for basic legitimate rights including  Rights to work, Rights to have fair wages: and all those protests  have been  confronted with security confrontations along with the rising pace of prosecutions for independent labor union leaders ..
Alongside with the return of the old regime guards,  public business sector companies owned by the governments have been practicing systematic punishing approach towards union leaders working there. Chairmen of these companies are increasingly waging fierce war against union leaders and labors representatives who have led protests calling for reform and accountability. Those companies have used to lead the march of Egyptian development before the doomed privatization program started early nineties of the last century. Practicing systematic harassments against union leaders are now being performed as if no revolution has taken place, as if no blood have been shed and as if no people have lost their soul calling for questioning those who were involved in ruing these companies and selling them with the cheapest prices, in return for commission and corrupted deals. 
Instead of working on improving and restructuring these companies as stated recently in the government statements, heads of these companies are focusing on fighting union leaders who opened corruption files during the last three years. Some Chairmen even humiliated union leaders out loudly to set them example for other workers and to guarantee that no voice would be raised in other companies and no one would even dare to protest against corruption or call for reform.
 Legislative Violations 
Talking about the legal environment, year has passed and laws restraining freedom remained the same, as if no revolution has taken place and as if no martyrs have paid their lives calling for  bread,  freedom and human dignity ..
After a year, the law of trade union freedoms has not been approved yet, though since the 25th, January revolution, consecutive Egyptian governments have kept promising  to enact this law. Accordingly, Egypt stands still one of those countries that does not  respect the international conventions it signed, specially, Conventions No. 87 and 98 pertaining to the freedom of trade union to organize themselves in democratic and independent unions. In 2008 and 2010, Egypt was registered in the Special Cases List due to the recurrent forms of violation practiced against labor rights and for the action of closing the CTUWS premise after accusing it of inciting labors to protest and go into sticks.  Post revolution government has promised the international society it would respect labor rights. On 12th,  March 2011, Ex Minister of Manpower, Ahmed Hassan Al Boraie, released the  Declaration on Fundamental Principles of Labors Rights. The government then has promised to enact the law of Trade Union Freedoms and thus Egypt has been removed from the black list and the international society was just waiting for the government promises to be realized.
Although the protest law issued by President Adly Mansour late in 2013 has been very controversial, and in spite of the government promises to  modify some provisions of this law, year 2014 has passed with no amendments. The government on the contrary, has continued its unjustified passion to oppress public movements. Under the label of organizing protests, all forms of peaceful and non- peaceful demonstrations have been banned. Though this law does not include a provision that criminalizes  labor strike as it was in Morsis law, still this one stands against labors as indicated in article No. 7 Violations of general security, public order, or production are prohibited, as well as calling for disrupting public interests.  It also forbids actions which could impact public services, transportation or the flow of traffic, as well as assaults on security forces or exposure of danger to individuals, public or private possession Thus the law outlaws even calling for a strike as it would affect production . Moreover, article No. 10 states that The Minister of Interior Affairs and  Security Director may authorize a justified decision to prohibit or postpone or change the location or the route of a public meeting or march or a protest before its stated start time if serious information or evidence of threats to security or peace are obtained. Organizers then would be  notified no less than 24 hours in advance . The article thus give the Minister of Interior the right to end any demonstration as he felt threats to security or peace. Finally, the law states that  A participant who violates Article 7 in the protest law could face 2 to 5 years of imprisonment, in addition to the possibility of paying a fine with a value varies from LE 50,000 and LE 100,000. So, a worker calling for some Pounds should pay thousands as a penalty for his demands.  
On 18th, January 2014, The supreme committee for election has declared the result of the public referendum on the amended constitution ( 2014 constitution). The result was 98.1% approvals. Though the new constitution includes relatively good terms in relation to economic, social and even civil rights comparing to 2012 constitution, however, it cancels the workers and farmers 50% share. This percentage have been granted since July 1952 revolution. This percentage was set to empower the weakest  and most vulnerable group in the Egyptian society, a group that cannot be really represented  in the parliament due to their limited financial capabilities and limited authorities. The rationale behind canceling this share was that it has been misused during the past years and did not help representing the referred to groups. The committee has thus declared the government inability to fight corruption practiced   before the revolution and thus canceled the share that was keeping a positive discrimination in favor of workers and farmers. Article 76 states that The establishment of syndicates and federations on democratic basis is a right guaranteed by Law. Syndicates and federations shall acquire legal personality, shall have the right to practice their activities freely, shall improve the level of efficiency among their members and defend their rights and interests. The State shall guarantee the independence of all syndicates and federations and their boards of directors may only be dissolved by a court judgment. No syndicate or federation may be established in the military or police agencies.. While article No. 204 states that The Military Court is an independent judicial body exclusively competent to adjudicate on all crimes pertaining to the Armed Forces, the officers and personnel thereof, and their equivalents, and on the crimes committed by the personnel of the General Intelligence while and by reason of performing their duties. No civilian shall face trial before the Military Court, except for crimes that constitute a direct assault against military facilities or camps of the Armed Forces, or their equivalents, against military zones or border zones determined as military zones, against the Armed Forces equipment, vehicles, weapons, ammunition, documents, military secrets, or its public funds, or against military factories; crimes pertaining to military service; or crimes that constitute a direct assault against the officers or personnel of the Armed Forces by reason of performing their duties. The article then indicates that workers working at military factories related to the Ministry of Military Production are subject to military courts though they are subject to labor law No 48 that organizes the relation between workers and the Ministry For Military Production that stands for the employer in this case. 
With no clear justification, the new constitution has canceled article No 207 of 2012 constitution stating that The Economic and Social Council supports the participation of social groups in the preparation of economic, social and environmental policies, and promotes social dialogue. The Cabinet, the House of Representatives and the Shura Council shall consult the Economic and Social Council on those policies and any related draft laws. The Council shall consist of at least 150 members, selected by their elected organizations of trade unions, syndicates, associations of farmers, workers and professionals, and other social groups, provided the representation of workers and farmers makes up for at least 50 % of the Council members. Membership of this Council may not be combined with membership of the Cabinet or any of the Legislative Houses. The details of forming the Council, electing its President, the regulations governing its work, and the means of presenting its recommendations to the state authorities shall be defined by law . We used to consider this article the single positive aspect of that constitution. 
On 23rd,May, 2014, interim president Adly Mansour, issued Presidential Decree 39/2014, to amend Law No.35/1976 to extend the term of the state-controlled Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) by another year or till the issuance of the new trade union law, whichever is earlier. The Federation Board  of Directors  should be invited for election of the new round within the referred to period or two years at least before the end of the election round. Accordingly, union elections has thus been delayed for the third time after January revolution. ETUF accordingly is still governed by appointed administrative committees , whose members belong to ousted President Hosni Mubarak, knowing the last trade union election held in Egypt back to 2006.
On 5th, June, interim president Adly Mansour issued Law No. 46 /2014 (House of Representatives and Election Procedures) published in the Official Gazette number 23 on June 5th , 2014. Article 2 states that  A worker is defined as anyone whose income is mainly generated from a handiwork,  a worker should not be a member of any professional syndicate nor should he have a commercial register or be university graduate. Only those who have started their career as workers then obtained a university certificate would be exempted from the third condition. In all cases, workers would not be considered so unless they are members at a trade union  . 
Regardless to the different viewpoints about this legal text, election committees have used not to apply it. Entities supervising election were always satisfied with a membership certificate issued by The Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) as a proof for being a worker, all have followed the referred to practice . During the older regime when security forces and other governmental administrative entities used to interfere in the election process, the ETUF gave a justification for more interference and for even manipulating with candidates and  electoral districts maps by defining their eligibilities.
Therefore, the requirement of providing a trade union membership as a proof for being a worker while assigning this task to the ETUF is a clear violation to the rights of nomination, election and trade union freedoms due to the following reasons: 
The condition of obtaining  such certificate from certain entity obliges candidates to join trade unions and deprives nonmembers from their political rights guaranteed by law.
The condition of being a member of a trade union and submitting a proof for membership is neither practical nor realistic, knowing that the majority of workers are employed at the private sector in addition to those who belong to the non formal sectors and they are real workers though they are not members at trade unions 
Administrative Interference in the Independent Trade Unions Affairs 
Over the past three months, Resolutions made by the General Assembly of the General Union of Sales Tax Employees has been blocked. The general assembly was held on 26th, October 2913 by the Minister of Manpower, Kamal Abo Eita, in order to settle previous personal issues with the union board members. The Minister was the prior President of the Egyptian Federation for Independent Trade Unions before he was appointed as a Minister. Back then, the Union of the Sales Tax has been part of the Federation and withdrew, the act that was not welcomed by The Minster, who used to be biased  to the prior board members at that time. However, members of the union continued their struggle and kept  the resolution of their General Assembly in the face the Minister till the resolution has been approved and authorized on 21st , January 2014. Accordingly, the  NBE Bank issued a letter to replace signatures of Mr. Hany Samir former Presdient of the union and Amr Hamdi Amin former Treasurer with Ms. / Fatima Fouad current President of the General Trade Union of Workers of Sales Tax and Hazem Mohamed Kamel the current Treasurer.
On 30th, January, 2014 , interventions in the affairs of independent trade unions were extremely sever when the Ministry of Manpower has issued a resolution to freeze the bank account of the Egyptian Democratic Labor Congress ( EDLC) claiming that there is a conflict between the different parties within the Union . The truth was that the Ministry of Manpower was biased to some members of the union against the General Council decisions. This has been proved later through the Union General Assembly actions which proved how confused was the resolution of the Ministry. The freezing resolution contradicts with the trade union declaration issued on 12th, March, 2011 by the same Ministry that was head then by Dr, Ahmed Al Boraie. The same Ministry has addressed and official letter No. 59 dated 28/1/2014 to Banque Misr (Al Qasr El Eine Branch) asking for authorizing signatures of Saad Shaaban, Acting President and Suhair Hamdi, Treasurer of the  EDLC as per the General Assembly resolution issued on 7/1/2014. Nevertheless, within less than 48 hour, the Ministry addressed  the same  bank and sent another official letter No. 68 dated 30/1/2014 requesting to freeze the EDLC bank account,
Another example of extreme interference in  the affairs of the independent unions from the part of the Ministry of Manpower has taken place when the Minster, Kamal Abo Eita issued a resolution on 15th,February, 2014 dissolving the Board of the Health Technologist Syndicate and freezing its bank account as well. The Minister has claimed that a financial abuses  were committed by the Board. On the other hand, Ahmed Mr. Al Debky, President of the syndicate asserted that Kamal Abo Eitas resolution violates the constitution which prohibits dissolving unions without a court order. Al Debky has also referred that Abo Eita was doing this to settle personal issues with the syndicate board members.  According to Al Debky. The Minister and his followers have formed the so called a Financial Monitoring Committee,  a committee that defrauded the syndicate paper at the Ministry and reported false financial abuses to dissolve the syndicate board and freeze its bank account.
Consequently, the syndicate members  rose up in all governorates refusing the Minister resolutions while declared in their statement that  We refuse policies of Minister Kamal Abo Eita who interferes in the affairs of the union and enflames disputes among unions while misusing his power to serve his friends at the Popular Current Party (-tāyar ash-shāʿībi al-masri) and pressurizing unions to implement his political and party directions 
As a form of rejecting the Minister’s resolutions, the syndicate has called for a general assembly meeting that was held on 1st and 2nd of March 2014 to renew confidence at the current board. The assembly emphasized the absence of the so-called Financial Monitoring Committee and refused to admit any of its correspondences to the syndicate. The assembly then addressed the Ministry of Manpower to cancel the freezing resolution.
Following the dismissal of Dr. Hazem Beblawy Ministry along with the dismissal of the Minister of Manpower and the appointment of the new Minster Nahed Al Ashry as a successor to Kamal Abu Eita, members of the syndicate visited the Ministry on Tuesday 18/3/2014 asking for canceling the freezing resolution and for approving resolutions made by the General Assembly held on 1/3/2014. The new Minister accordingly has approved the syndicate demands  
In the last week of 2014.Minster Nahed Al Ashry had different offending statements against independent unions . She accused independent unions of being the cause of the deterioration of the trade union movement .  She criticized the legacy she has inherited from Minister Al Boraie who have issued the Trade Union Freedom Declaration on 12/3/2011 whereby independent unions were allowed to be established. Accordingly, the Minster issued a resolution prohibiting  granting  independent unions bank letters whereby they open their bank accounts . Consequently, The Ministry offices at diffrent governorates started practicing restraining actions against already existing independent unions. For instance, independent union at Al Gharbia were threatened to have their license canceled if they did not submit a formal rent contract for the union premise 
 Field Violations 
On 20th ,January 2014, more than 500 workers at the Egyptian Propylene & Polypropylene Co. started an opened strike at Port said. The independent union which is a member at the company  Board of Directors and General Assembly has been represented a the strike. According to Mr. Mostafa Refat, President of the Media Committee of the independent union, protestors have tried to negotiate with the company management that refused to listen to workers demands and even did not admit the presence of an independent union. Mr. Refat also has indicated that workers have gone into a strike last July demanding their shares in annual profits. They asked also for developing working regulations as in other petroleum sector companies, in addition to amending production incentives stated at their contracts. They also called for amending salary structures for all departments, increasing risk allowance, overtime and meal and housing allowances for all the company employees. They also called for health and life insurance in addition to transportation allowances for expat employees. Other demands included compensating employees affected by the cancelation of the shift system though enabling and facilitating goodwill loans and finally they asked the management to deal with an elected committee that would officially represent the company employees. A committee from the Ministry of Manpower has attended the negotiation session and claimed the company management approved the demands in an official meeting minute. Nevertheless, the management did no implement any of the points that have been agreed on.
On the 17th, February 2014, The Iron and Steel Company, one of the Public Business Sector companies has started a punishing campaign against union leaders of 2013 strikes. The Chairman of the company asked to interrogate Mohmed Omar, one of the strikes leaders, accusing him of not responding to the resolution of transferring him to a medical commission, knowing that Mohamed Omar is a member of the union committee at the company, and thus should be interrogated only by the general union. In the meantime, Mohamed Al Swany who works for the Maintenance department  as been accused of disseminating leaflets and of stealing a computer case. 
This campaign came together with the government refusal to implement terms of the agreements signed by representatives of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the union leaders on 12th ,December, 2013. Upon signing the refereed to agreement, workers have stopped their strike that lasted for 19 consecutive days. The agreement included a promise to dismiss Eng. Mohamed Saad, Chairman of the company and stated that a new Board of Directors would be formed. The Chairman then asserted that none of the Ministries could dismiss him and started his punishing campaign against leaders of the strike.
On 26th, February, 2014, the strike of Egypt Postal Authority was inflamed to a threshold after it has started on 23rd, February, 2014 at the Authority headquarter in Attaba Square, the authority management claimed they got a General Prosecutor's resolution to end the strike. The management security guards have accordingly assaulted protesters and prevented them from entering the company. Consequently, Zainab Fouad, member of the Executive Council of the Independent Union of Postal Authority has gone into a hunger strike
The Independent Union of Postal Authority was calling for general strike demanding the annual 7% increase as stipulated  by law, knowing that the Postal Authority employees get LE.2 as a periodic bonus . Demands also included modifying the salary structure to attain social equality; one of the Egyptian revolution demands. Workers also refused rehiring consultants that have been dismissed since the last strike 
 On 26th, February, 2014, security forces of Al Gamailia police station arrested three of Al Azhar Tunnel workers. Those workers went on a strike demanding the implementation of the minimum wage and called for improving their financial status. The referred to workers are: Waleed  Shalaby, Safwat al-Faraj and Nasr Mohammed Taha. The three have organized a protest two days later which led to the tunnel halt for 6 hours. Cairo governorate then announced there is a technical malfunction at the tunnel. The three workers deiced to go into a strike on 26th, February for not responding to their demands nor even negotiating with them. Accordingly, they were arrested and finally released the same day based upon submitting a proof of their residence 
On 8th, March, the management of Universal Co. at the second industrial zone in the 6th of October had issued a decision to terminate 105 employees working at the production department. The management has forced workers to sign their resignation without receiving their full legal rights. The company management offered terminated employees a compensation of 15 days though the law states they should be compensation with 2 months for each year in addition to an unemployment compensation with the value of 3 months salary at least. 
On 9th, March, 2014, the Ministry of Manpower had an attempt to turn around workers rights to strike when it signed an agreement with some fake unions to stop labor protests and strikes for a year. Accordingly, the CTUWS  issued a statement to reject such initiative. The statement indicated that this silly handling for labors issues is a persistence on the maneuvering  approach that does not interact with real problems to reach real solutions. This approach will never end to a solid agreement but rather would end with nothing but a media show.  The CTUWS also called officials, especially the Ministry of Manpower to stop their destructive practices and encouraged them to start looking for new and creative ideas for managing crises. Because of these shallow practices, Egyptian labors have rebelled and managed to set down two regimes in less than three years, they managed to form their own independent unions that truly represent them and reflect their labor interests. The CTUWS called the new government to seriously and sincerity deal with labor issues away from the absurd actions taken by the previous consecutive governments, knowing that defending labors interests is the only  motivation for establishing unions in the face of fake union organizations 
On 12th, March, 2014 a group of thugs and security forces from the ETUF have physically insulted more than 50 workers at their strike in the premise of the  ETUF. The strike included representatives of different companies that have been privatized and should be back to the governmental sector upon a court decision . The strike included labors from Tanta-linen-Co., Shebin El-Kom Textile Co. and the Steam Boilers Co., in addition to representatives from Al Nasr Automotive Co. and Smanoud Textile Co. As stated by Gaamal Othman, one of the rebellious workers After the noon prayer we have been surprised with the ETUF security guards and other employees hanging sticks and swards  to end the strike. They said this is the instructions of the ETUF President. Upon our refusal to end the strike, they physically insulted us and pushed us out the premise, The attackers claimed that the ETUF President has filed a police report accusing workers of violating law, knowing that those workers have gone into that strike to regain their privatized halted companies as per the non-implemented court decision. 
Again during the previously mentioned strike of the Postal Authority workers,  security forces have attacked a strike for the same Authority employees at Alex on 24th,March, 2014.  The forces arrested Ayman al-Hanafi Mahmoud, Haitham Othman Mahmoud Jaber, Ismail Thabet, Hisham Abdel Hamid Mohammad and Sami Said Sabah and confirmed they had instructions to arrest 11 employees.
These incidents followed a press conference held by the President of the Postal Authority where he asserted he had filed a police report against labor leaders accusing them of calling for a strike and interrupting workflow . Accordingly, workers have been provoked and persisted on their demands especially the dismissal of Chairman of the Board, immediate release for their arrested colleagues and ending  prosecution  of union leaders in all provinces.
All arrested workers have been interrogated in the case No 2035/ 2014  Muharam Beh. They have been accused of assembling in front of the Alex Postal Center, disturbing movement of private transportation,  injuring interest of the  Postal Authority, leaving work with no reason, interrupting workflow and calling other for the strike. The resolution was to continue investigations and resume interrogation morning 
On 26th, March, 2014, workers of the Postal Authority protested in front of the Central Logistics Offices in all governorates at the same time when their colleagues have been interrogated and sentenced for  15 days pre -trial detention 
On 27th, March, 2014, the pace of judicial and security prosecutions for independent union leaders  has raised in different postal zones. The Strikes Monitoring Committee formed by the union ensured that there is a decision to arrest all members of the executive councils of independent unions at the different postal zones. 100 workers were supposed to be arrested according to these decision as per the instructions of the Chairman. Four workers at October Postal zone have been arrested and released when the Logistics Manager has dropped his accusation to 11 labors of the independent union. The same incident has taken place in Minia and other accusations have been directed to other members of the Executive Council of the independent Postal Authority union especially Mohammed Saftawi the Head of the union and Zeinab Fouad the General Secretary 
On 30th, March, 2014, a delegation from the  Alexandria Postal Authority met Alexandria Governor who agreed to set the arrested workers free on the condition that workers end their strike. Workers have approved and the Logistics Manger  dropped his accusation. Nevertheless, the prosecution did not approve to release workers claiming that charges against them related to the right of the state.
Accordingly, workers protested in front of the Cabinet and disseminated a statement issued by the Supreme Committee of Postal Authority Workers Strike titled We would Go on.. not terrified with you oppressive practices . The statement stated that After 15 days of continues strike , symbols of corruption at our Authority are still fighting for their positions and for the thousands they get every month. They fight using all legal and illegal means to avoid opening their well know corruption files, 15 days and they still refuse to listen to our demands and talk to our real representatives. 
On 1st, April, 2014 the Attorney General of West Alexandria decided to release the five arrested workers: Ayman Mahmoud Hanafi, Haitham Othman Mahmoud Jaber, Ismail Thabet, Hisham Abdel-Hamid Mohammed and Sami Saeid Sabah upon submitting a proof of their residence. 
On 10th, April, 2014, security forces arrested four of the Gas Co. workers from their houses in Alexandria. It was an attempt to pressurize workers to end their strike started a month before against the liquidation of the company owned by Al Kharafy Group. Workers confirmed that after the failure of the negotiation session set in the previous day between the company management and workers representatives, security forces attacked workers houses and arrested:  Mohammed Saleh, Mohammed Abdel-Rahman, Ahmed Adel and Al Saied Al Semman. Meanwhile, the company has filed complaints against protesting workers accusing them of inciting  for strike an interrupting workflow. 
At night, Muharman Beh prosecution decided to release arrested workers upon submitting a proof of their residence. CTUWS lawyer Mr. Emad Nabawy confirmed that charges they faced included : Refusing to work and committing violent action. Nabawy stated that workers have been arrested upon a police report that has been filed by the company management against the strikes leaders a month ago. 
0n 14th of April, 2014, Amr Abdul Rashid Hilal and Hussein Kamal Mohammed workers at the Iron and Steel Co. has started their hunger strike at the company mine in  Suez Governorate. They called for the cancelation of their arbitrarily transfer decision; a decision that has been made 6 months ago when they have supported their colleagues who were demanding their rights. Amr Abdul Rashid Hilal has been transferred  on 18/9/2013 for distributing a leaflet urging workers to start a strike demanding their delayed profits, whereas Hussein Kamal Mohammed has been transferred  on 14/4/2013 for supporting his colleagues  strike that was calling for better protection against gangs that attacked the company before and killed on of the workers 
It is worth mentioning that the government represented by Ministers of Social Solidarity and Minster of Trade and Industry has promised their agreement with workers signed on 12th of December, 2013 to cancel the arbitrary transfer decisions of all workers. Based on this agreement, 12000 workers who have been in a strike for 19 days have ended their strike. Among workers who have been arbitrarily transferred was Hussien Kamal who suffer from Kidney failure and would face the threat of death if staid at Suez Mine where not medical support is available.  
On 27th ,April, 2014, three workers at the Propylene & Polypropylene Co. in Port Said have been arrested. They were: Kamal Arafat - Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim, Mohamed El-Sayed Radi. They have been accused of inciting for a strike. Those workers have been arrested in their way to the police station to submit a request for organizing a strike demanding the implementation of the work agreement. An agreement that has been signed by the company management in January 2014 and upon which workers have ended their strike. Following the arrest of the three workers, 600 workers of their colleagues went to a strike who were surprised with the detention of their colleagues in their way to request for a strike permit. Workers asserted that the arrested workers have been delegated to obtain the strike permit after the company management has refused to implement the agreement formulated in a session attended by Military Councilor after the strike dated 20th January, 2014 that lasted till 22nd January 2014 and was ended upon the agreement conduced in Port Said in the pence of the Military Councilor
It is worth mentioning also that during the meeting, the company management insisted not to admit the presence of the independent union that has been established officially by workers who submitted its paper to the Ministry of Manpower till the promulgation of the union Freedom law. During the meeting, it has been agreed that the company budget would be displayed for workers representatives in order to calculate profit shares. Also, it has been agreed to declare company regulations and penalty policies that the workers know nothing about, in addition to finalizing annual appraisal to pay annual bonus. Furthermore, it has been agreed to finalize the life insurance procedures. 
Arrested workers have been interrogated and sentenced to four pretrial detention days till finalizing prosecution investigations. On 29th, April, the three labors were  released upon submitting a proof their residence and the company managed has dropped its report against workers 
On 27th, April 2014, Egyptian Coke Co. issued a transfer decision for Ayman Sobhi from First Coke production department to Second Coke production department. Also, a decision for transferring Ahmed Kassem from Coke Boilers department to First Coke production department, Ashraf Mohamed Hassan from Apparatus department to First Coke production department, Essam Mohamed Hassan from Coal department to First Coke production department, Tharwat Abo Amr from Second Coke production department to First Coke production department. All the transferred  workers went to a hunger strike accusing the company management of doing to punish them for leading workers strikes. When Eng. Mahlab, Prime Minister  has interfered, transferred workers returned to their original positions. However they have been interrogated and penalized with 5 days deduction from their salaries,  in addition to being deprived of the 7% raise 
In as serious development of incidents at the Iron and Steel Co., to unknown person have tried to assassinate Mohamed Omar one of the company union leaders on the 4th, May, 2014. He is the one who led the strike of December 2013. At eight o'clock morning, and on his way to the remotely located workshop where he works at, Omar has been surprised with two masked men smashing his head with an iron stick  and running to another one who was riding a motorbike with no signs.  Accordingly, Bleeding Omar has fainted and his colleagues has transferred him to the nearest hospital before being transferred to Al Nasr hospital in Hilwan. Omar staid unconscious for hours then he awaked and narrated what has happened. 
It is worth mentioning that Omar is one of the CTUWS activist and a member of the Union Committee of the Iron and Steel Co., The General Union o Metal Industries has frozen his membership and hold his  union assignment allowance in February 2014 in response of the following actions. Omar has uncovered the corruption of the company management, he called his colleagues to form an independent union, and on 22nd January he submitted  report No. 1189/2014to the General Prosecutor against Mohamed Saad Negeda, the company Chairman. Omar has accused the Chairman of being the reason for the company losses as per the Central Bank reports that stated the company has lost 92% of its Capital which worth LE. 892 Million. Omar asserted in his report that all the company losses are the result of the bad management and corruption. According to Omar, the company management deliberately put the company production of in favor of the company competitors. In spit of the company, the Chairman received profits and financial allocation in addition to other violations that have been all revealed in the Accountability State Authority report.
In a leaflets Omar has distributed among his colleagues, he has also unleashed the corruption of  advisors of the transpiration and nutrition committees who were also members of. Omar membership of these committees was frozen after he had discovered that the one in charge of maintenance is the same one responsible for operation and thus he has not been accountable for the deteriorating conditions of the vehicles. In addition, Omar has referred to the phenomena of using underage  drivers with no driving license. Omar has been excluded from the vehicles scrapping committee which is a core mission for the transportation committee, the fact the raises many questions marks. 
On 12th,May, 2014, tens of the EDLC members have declared their refusal for the Ministry of Manpower interference in the independent unions affairs particularly the EDLC. The protesters who represent several regional independent unions started an opened strike at the primes of the independent unions demanding the authorization of the General Assembly resolutions. On 11th of April, 2014, EDLC General Assembly has been held and reached the resolution of dismissing The prior President  Mr. Yousry Marrouf. However, the ministry did not admit  any of the assembly resolution in spite of submitting all the required documents. The EDLC asserted in its statement that this strike is a first step in a sequence of descending actions to uncover the Ministry plan against independent unions in favor of the Mubarks regime entity the ETUF. The EDLC announced that this action would be followed by a gradual hunger strike and a massive demonstration in front of the cabinet to be conducted by the EDLC members whose number exceeds 200 thousands member and represent 175 independent union. 
The EDLC statement states that The EDLC announces its opened strike that would be followed by a gradual hunger strike in the premise of the Ministry of Manpower where we would submit define facts about the extreme interference of the Minister in the EDLC  affairs and her deliberate blocks she set in order to attain personal interest as follows:
The Minister has neglected resolution issued by EDLC in its emergent meeting conducted on Tuesday 7th, January, 2014, to dismiss Mr. Yousry Marrouf from the presidency of the EDLC and its executive committee, in addition to the election of Mr. Saeed Shabban to act as the President and Mr. Hani Mohamed Afifi to act as the Secretary General.
The Minister has neglected resolutions of the regional conferences held in the period between 19th of March 2014 and 2nd, April, 2014 when 10 conferences have been held for the different bodies of the EDLC including The regional conference of Sadat City unions, the regional conference of 10th of Ramadan unions , the regional conference of Delta unions, the regional conference of Suez Canal unions, the regional conference of Alex unions, the regional conference of Upper Egypt unions, the regional conference of Great Cairo unions, conference of the general independent union for the public transportation sector, conference of the Postal authority union, and conference of the street vendors union, that all decided to dismiss Mr. Marouf. 
Finally, the Minster has neglected the resolutions of the EDLC General Assembly held on Friday 11th, April, 2014 at the Congress premise in Upper Egypt under the slogan of Defending Independent Unions .143 unions and different president of Egyptian parties  have attended the meeting and it was broadcasted by several Egyptian satellite channels, Moreover. The event was attended also by a representative from the Ministry of the Manpower who witnessed and confirmed the assembly resolutions 
In spite of all, the Ministry of Manpower precisely presumes its plan to attack and shackle the independent trade union movement. The ministry refused to admit the new structure of the EDLC in order to utilize people have nothing to do with trade union movements in order to control it and restore the scene before 25th January revolution.
On 18th, May, 2014, Hisham Zazoa, Minister of Tourism made a resolution to prohibit financial and administrative transactions with free independent unions, claiming that they are illegal entities. The Minister claimed that establishing unions and federations is a constitutional right. However. They need to follow certain legal procedures, which they did not. 
On 19th, May, three  workers  from Cristal Asfoor Co. have been interrogated and accused for inciting for a  strike. They have been detained for a day in Subra police station. The three workers are: Ahmed Gaber, Hassan Abdel Latif, and Al Sayed Zaki. Workers arrest was a consequence of  the strike organized by the three workers in the company factory No. 1 and 2 in Shubra Al Khema, and factory No. 3 in Bahteem. The strike demands included calling for annual profits, implanting the collective work agreement in addition to refusal of the termination of thousands employees. 
On 14th, June, 2014, Al Mahal Spinning Co. one of the public business sector companies has suspended Wedad Darwhish , one of the workers leaders who has been accused of making riot and uncovering corruption files to the media. Wedad has gone into 2 days strike on 4th of July 2014 after the resolution of her suspension by Abdel Fattah al Zoghaba the prior General Delegate of the company. Wedad has been suspended for two months after she refused to be administratively interrogated with no clear reason. Wedad has treid to meet Mr. Zoghaba and consequently has been physically insulted by member of the union committee. Wedad has filed a police report No. 8100/2014 against Zoghaba and the union committee members accusing them of beating her and threating her for death. Immediately, and before the interrogation has ended, Wedad has been suspended for two month. Though Zoghaba has retired two months ago, the company legal department resumes interrogations with Wedad and decided to suspend her.
On 19th, July, 2014, the company workers threatened to start a strike in solidarity with Wedad. Accordingly, the new General Delegate, Eng. Farag Awad decide to cancel the suspension resolution after she has submitted a petition to the Prime Minister. 
 On 20th, June, 2014, Al Behira Company issued a resolution to suspend three workers: Islam Abdel Razek, Farid Ismail and Mohamed Gamal. The three workers have been suspended for demanding an emergency grant employees used to get from the Ministry of Manpower after the company has stopped its activity. Year 2014 has witnessed several protests in the Real Estate and Al Behira Company. Protesting  workers were calling for their salaries that has been delayed for more than five months and for fighting corruption inside their companies 
On 3rd ,June, The National Co of Steel of Port Said which is a member of Al Masren Steel Group has issued a resolution to suspend 16 workers including members of the Executive Council of the independent union. The company workers whose number is 500 workers demanded receiving the 12 month basic salary as the profit of year 2013. The amount was due in March 2014. However, the management delayed for unjustified reasons.  Accordingly, the company workers went into a strike for two hours. Thus, the company management reported to the police station and accused workers of refusing to work. Security forces attended to the company premise and wrote a report stating that workers have not refused to work. The company management then promised to discuss things with workers  representatives, However, workers have been surprised with the management decision of suspending 16 workers including members of the Executive Council of the independent union. Mohamed Rashad Taha, Union President, Montaser Anwar, The union Secretary General, Mahmoud Moustafa, Union Treasures, Mahmoud Gaber, Mohamed Ahmed and Moawad Ibraheem. Accordingly, workers submitted a report No 14 for year 2014 at Hamal police station.
On 4th August, 2014,  President of Naga Hamady Municipality President has issued a resolution to transfer Galal Ayed to the village of  South Al Halfaya, Khalaf Ahmed Mohamed to the village council of Al Rahmania, Tharwat Mohamed Balash to the village council of   Al Shaania and  Abdel Hakeem Amer Ali to the village council of West Bahgoura,  knowing that all are members of the executive office of the independent union. The independent union president asserted that the transfer decisions were taken after the union members have demanded workers compensations that should have been paid during Ramadan and before the feast. The Municipality President asserted he does not admit the presence of the independent unions and threatened them of being imprisoned for inciting workers to go into strikes. The four workers started a three day hunger strike and one of them, Khalaf Ahmed Mohamed has been transferred to the intensive care at Nagaa Hamadi Hospital. Khalfa had severe bleeding and was diagnosed for hepatitis C. The four workers have ended their hunger strike when the management has reached an agreement to let the transferred workers stay for a month at the places that have been transferred to before they came back to their original places 
On 10th, August. 2014. Sobhi Bedier. a member of the union committee of the Egyptian Coke company and a member of the General Union of Chemical Industries , in addition to Taha Fouad and Mohamed Abdel Haleem members of the union at the company, all have surprisingly summoned by the administrative prosecution and accused of inciting workers to go into a  strike 
 The company workers whose number exceeds 2000 male and female workers have gone into a strike at the company premise for a weak on 15th, June 2014 demanding for their incentives which worth to 10 months of the salaries, knowing that the company used to pay works these incentive before Ramadan for 17 years ago.  
Workers then asserted that the company management refused to admit their financial rights  and if it could not be paid without a resolution from the holding company general assembly. The workers have also refuted the company management claims of having no liquidity, indicating that the Chairman has signed a 30 Million pound check last Thursday in favor of the Holding company whose president refuse to pay profits. 
On 24th, August, 2014,  the management of Al Nahar Al Khaled Ready- Made Garments Co. in Port Said, has issued a resolution to transfer 14 workers to locations that do not match with the nature of their work. Transferred workers include members of the Executive Office of the independent Union. Accordingly, works have gone into an opened strike and issued a statement stating the following:  At 10 oclock morning,  the company extraordinary general assembly has ended the meeting where it discussed the resolution of transferring 14 workers and the assembly decided to refuse the resolution, which is considered an arbitrary decision. The company management is not transparent and have the intension of laying off employees. Accordingly, the general assembly has decided to start a strike at the company premise starting form today and till another notice. We do have legitimate demands that we have been calling for since a year and ha half with all possible means. However, the company management kept delaying and chose to be nontransparent. Accordingly, workers have no  other solution but the peaceful strike
In a scandal for the state Labor Federation, the General Union of Metal and Engineering industries has decided on 9th, September to dismiss Mohamed Omar,  a member of the Iron and Steel Company union. Omar has been dismissed from the union membership and in the meantime he has been dismissed from work as per the Chairman decision on 25th of August for being accused of inciting workers to go into a strike. The general union thus proved it is bias to the company management and its tendency to punish the honest company leaders. It is worth mentioning that Mohamed Omar was one of the 18 days strike leaders, a strike that lasted for 18 days whereby an agreement has been signed between workers representatives and two ministers who have admitted the corruption of the company Chairman  and agreed on his dismissal on 12th of December 2013. However, the government did not fulfill the agreement, the company Chairman thus considered this a green light to punish the eight workers who signed the agreement.  
On 12th ,September, 2014, the general assembly of the General Union of Electrical, Metal and Engineering industries has decided to terminate Gad Al Hak Taha, and Mohamed Amr leaders of the Iron and Steel Co. They have been accused of not following the principles of the union work and sought the support of centers that are against the Egypt Unions, defamed the union committee and urged labors to destabilize the organization steadiness
It is astonishing why the general assembly of the General Union of Electrical, Metal and Engineering industries has been held specifically to terminate Gad Al Hakk and Mohamed Omar, while attacking and insulting CTUWS, Ironically, the assembly meeting agenda did not include a discussion for the ASA report that have been submitted to the General Prosecutor Office as a report No. 15573 for year 2014.The report unleashed financial violations and wasting an amount of LE. 2 Millions, The report also depicted that both the ETUF and the General Union of Electrical, Metal and Engineering industries have conceal the  file and the official correspondences it contained. The report stated that the audit results for the company trade union committee and its medical center for years 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 included more than 17 violation. Among these violations was the dropping of workers membership account from the Revues and Expenses account for the two audit fiscal years. The dropped amount that could have been defined was LE.86966. Also, an estimated amount of LE 13299 (Membership  Fees for fiscal year 2011/2012) was dropped from the debit account of 30th June 2012 financial statement; the amount has not been posted till the date of the statement release. These amounts were used to get a gift for the Minister of Investment  in fiscal year 2010/2011 with an amount of a LE. 3385 in addition to travel expenses for different Arab countries. Moreover, the report also indicated that the union committee has not collected profits for its shares at the Workers Bank of Egypt since, 30th June 2012. As per the financial statement, the amount of these profits is LE. 4000.  The committee also surpassed the maximum overheads expenses with an amount of LE.136287  and thus the committee violated article No. 3of the union financial manual. Moreover, the committee proved not to have an efficient internal control due to the absence of bookkeeping where no vouchers or receivable notes have been kept for trip fees during the last two fiscal years. The estimated value of these fees is LE 455453, and the referred to practice is considered a violation for article 23 of the trade unions financial regulations  
On 13th, September, 2014 Abdin Misdemeanor Court sentenced 13 employees of Ministry of Awkaf the  for two years prison. Workers have been accused of protesting in front of the Ministry of Awkaf downtown. Meanwhile,  Security forces have arrested the 13 workers working in Kaft Al Sheikh Mosque while they have been protesting in front of the Ministry downtown on 16th of April 2014. According to the case file No. 5584 for year 2014, workers have asked include mosques they work at to the Ministry of Awkaf to be appointed at the Ministry. Workers have been arrested for insulting Mohamed Shabaan an employee at the Ministry during his job duties. 
On 30th September 2014, security forces arrested three street vendors: Mohamed Hilal, Ahmed Al Deeb and Ahmed Ramadan. The three have been detailed at Abdeen police station with no clue. The motive was to prevent a protest they have called for on 1st October 2014 downtown to express their refusal for the decision of transferring them to Al Torgoman Garage . The vendors have got a permit for their protest where they were supposed to demand transferring them to an inhabited lawful locations. However, police forces informed them that the protest location has been changed to Talaat Harb square, then they have been informed that the protest permit has been canceled for security reasons 
Accordingly, street vendors have released a statement declaring that  We are the street vendors represent a huge part of the non-formal work force. Some of us have been working in that sector for decades, others have been forced to join the street due to unemployment. We are millions and we cannot afford our families and children fees in schools and universities, knowing that we are working in extreme tough conditions as we stay in opened areas with no utilities. However, we are doing our best to get income for our families. We have proposed to move to different place but no one listened to us. We have even proposed to finance establishing markets in the places we believe it would suit us for being inhabited. Now, we are staying jobless in Cairo for more than 40 days. It is worth noting that the detained vendors have been released once the protesting vendors have decided to end their protest. 
On 1st October, 2014, security forces have ended the strike of Alex Weaving and Spinning Co. (Aboud) by force.  Security forces have shot protestors with bullets and tear gas and thus five workers have been injured including Mohamed Kamal Mahmoud who has been shot at leg .Meanwhile, 4 workers have been arrested and enforced to  admit that their injuries were caused by a fight between two families in Mohram Beh. During investigations, workers have been forced to tell so instead of being accused of blocking road and interrupting production 
It is worth mentioning that workers of this company whose No was 3000 workers, have organized a protest in front of their factory after submitting several complains to the labor office and after conducting several negotiation trials to receive their delayed salaries. Workers usually get paid every 15 days, and they have not get their salaries for three consecutive times; a month and a half. They also called for the 10% bonus, and for feast, Ramadan and school grants. Nevertheles, Refaat Hilil, the Chairman has not attended any of the meetings and neglected workers demands. When workers have decided to conduct a peaceful protest in front of the factory, the Chairman has summoned police forces than attended immediately to the place and shot workers once arrived 
On 16th October, 2014, the Chairman of the Iron and Steel Co., Mohamed Saad Negeda, signed a penalty against Saied Saad Al Deen, a workers leaders. The penalty was to deduct 10 days of his salary for verbally insulted the company Chairman the holding company and the trade union in addition to inciting for a protest against the company on 21st July 2014,which  would lead to the interruption for production and harming the company 
Ironically, it has been stated at the penalty decision No. 562/3/8261 that Negada has been penalized for organizing a protest on 21st, July, though he has been in a an official leave at the same day and did not go to the premise of the company 
Before this, the Chairman of the company has transferred Saied Saad Al Deen to the oven sector, a place that is usually closed whenever there is an official visit and it has nothing to do with occupational health and safety
The company management has also transferred Mahmoud Abdel Dayem and Mohamed Nasr from panels department to transformers department, Emad Abdel Haleem  has been transferred from the oven department to  heat treatment department, whereas both Ayman Ahmed Hefny and Mahoud Abdel Rahman have been finally terminated.
On 22nd, October, 2014, Mohamed Omar, who has been suspended for  two months, have been surprised with 10 days deduction from his already suspended salary. The reference for that decision was an interrogation conduced with him where he has been accused of humiliating the chairman of the company and inciting worker to go into a strike. Ironically, all these decisions have been taken, while Omars appraisal results was Excellent).
Unprecedentedly, on 25th, October, 2914, Mohamed Saad Negad, Chairman of the Iron and Steel Co. stated in Al Masry Al Youm newspaper that he had instructions from Supreme Authorities to take required actions against the company workers leaders that cause disturbance to the company. These statements have been made a day before the general assembly meeting where it was supposed to discuss the future status of the board after  the company losses have been increased with 116% with a value of nearly a LE. Millar.
If these statements were real, then they give a clue for the series of workers leaders punishment followed by Negad during the last two months. Negada has terminated two young workers: Mahmoud Adel Rahman, and Ayman Ahmed Hefni, he transferred Mohamed Omar from his original Department Iron Department to the irrelevant general workshop; and finally he suspended him for two months whereby Omar did not get his compensation  
On 28th of October, 2014, workers at the independent union of the Drinking Water & Sanitation Co. at  Qena have been surprised with a letter from the General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives rejecting the union's request to establish a housing association for workers. The reason was that the authority does not admit the presence of the independent union. The letter dated 28th October 2014, and directed to the General Secretary of Qena governorate stated that  Please note that we have received the letter of Mr. Khairy Omar Mohamed; General Secretary of the independent union of the Drinking Water & Sanitation Co. at  Qena. Please note that the coordination committee decision was not to permit establish a housing association for members of the independent unions, as these unions are not organized by law. Accordingly, please note that the three members committee draw your attention that only members of the g union at the company could have a permit for  establishing a housing association
On 8th November, 2014, Alex East prosecution headed by Consular Abdel Galil Hamad, has decided to summon 5 staff members at the University, accusing them of inciting for a strike at the hospital and setting citizen health at danger on purpose. 
The prosecution decision upon the Prime Minister decision to interrogate the protesting Nurse Shift Prime Minister claimed that the strike has result in the death of two person at the ER. The Prime Minister has event assigned  Dr. Al Sayed Abdel Khaled, the Minister of Education to move to Alex in order to follow up the interrogation and ensure that all guilty would be punished to matter his/her position . The hospital staff has started an opened strike calling for applying the minimum wage, payment of the 30% incentives that the Ministry of Finance has refused to pay with no reason. Protesters at the hospital hold signs saying Minimum Wages, where are our rights, were are our incentives government!!) 
On 10th, November, 2014, Mahmoud Rehan, veice president of the Independent Trade Union of Workers  of Cairo Airport Co. has been arrested and detained for 4 days and a renewal for 15 days at Al Mozah police station. Rehans colleagues confirmed that hea has been arrested form the location of his work and has been accused for humiliating the Republic Presidents  in addition to circulating National Security sensitive information through his page at the Facebook.  
It worth mentioning that Mahmoud Rehan was one of the first employees who called for opening corruption files of the company and for suing all corrupted officials during Mubarak and Morsis regime. Accordingly, Rehan has been transferred from the Airport and administratively interrogated. Omar he has participated in a protest organized by the company staff to dismsiss the Minister of Aviation, and accordingly, he has been transferred to Sharq Al-Owainat Airport in April 2013.  The protestors accused the Minister of concealing corruption crimes and forcing the Chairman to resign just because he referred a corruption file to the General Prosecutor and reported that a fire fighting unit has been established with no source of water. The protesting labors then asserted in a statement they have disseminated that the Minister has ignored their demands to sui corrupted officials. Meanwhile, four drivers have been transferred after all drivers have threatened to go into a strike. On 4th December, 2014, Al Nozha Misdemeanor court decide Rehan is innocent after being detained for 24 consecutive days.  
In an attempt to pressurize and punish those who established independent labors instead of the governmental ETUF, the ETUF administrative committee has decided to end the membership of each worker belonging to an independent union. This decision would sound a normal and logical one. However, only who are involved in the case would realize that the aim of this decision is to deprive workers from their financial rights that have been accumulated for years in the Federation fund through their membership fees. The decision was not meant to give workers freedom of choice for their unions but rather to enforce them to disregard their financial rights that could be thousands, in case they chose independent unions.   
On 1st, December, 2014 Alico Co. a subsidiary of Orascom  group owned by Sawiris, has transferred  98 workers working in Alico Egypt in Suez to  Orascom  projects in Cairo. The company has also terminated 8 workers with no prior warning. Meanwhile, Moustafa Al Masri, president of the independent union has been dismissed with no reason but practicing union activities and for calling for workers rights in incentives and bonus as per regulations .
On 3rd December, security forces  has ended a strike of 500 mosques employees who protested in front of the Ministry of Awqaf downtown. Security forces have physically insulted works were tens of them have been injured and 28 have been arrested and detained in Abdin police station. 23 of them have been released at night and the rest have been released the next day with a guarantee of LE. 500 for each worker.    
Retired employees of mosques since 2002 complain of the Ministry of Al Awqaf that forced them to sign an approval for disregarding their social insurance rights to have new employment contracts in return. All those who have refused to sign were terminated and could not even get their files. As stated by Zaghlol Abdo, an employee at one of Al Awqaf mosques at Alext 6000 employee were enjoying all benefits till October 2014 including the feast grant Zagholo added that  it was the resolution of the Minster of Al Awqaf, Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa that forced more than 1793 employee to sign with approval due to their need for work since 16th, October, 2014. The Ministry then issued another resolution to terminate those who have not signed and removed them form the payroll sheets. 
On 4th, December, 2014, employees at the Library of Alexandria have been surprised with a resolution to interrogate 18 of their colleagues who have been accused of organizing a protest in October 2011. Ironically, one of the accused employees was Mohamed Yousry Salama, the Dead  Salafi Leader who was also a member of the well-known Destor Party
CTUWS lawyer, Mr. Emad Nabawy asserted that a litigation dated to January 2012 has been filed against 6 employees of the Library of Alexandria by Ismail Serag Al Deen,; the Chairman.  This was due to a protest conducted by the employees where they demanded the dismissal of Ismail Serag AL Deen. Employees then have managed to get 1700 signatures on their petition  out of a total No, of 2400 employee. However, we have been surprised that the prosecution have changed accusations from insult crime to demonstration and interruption of workflow. The prosecution has also added new suspects, one of them was an alibi and the other was the Dead  Salafi Leader, Mohamed Yousry Salama. The bill of accusation included five members of the executive committee of the library independent union including the union President, Ashraf Sakr, and Sherif Al Masry; Vice President of the EDLC.
Once he has returned to work after his suspension, Mohamed Omar, a labor leader at the Iron and Steel Co. has been surprised with a new resolution on 21st, December, 2014, whereby he has been accused of entering the company after working hours to support a strike where workers demanded for annual profits. Omar has been accused of insulting the company and leaving work with no excuse for two days.  Omar asserted that before being interrogated he knew that 30% of his monthly incentives and the meal allowance has been deducted, the interrogation was merely a nominal action and the penalty has already been set .
It is worth saying that Omar has been suspended early in last September for more than two months, and he has been deprived from his salary. This practice is considered a violation for the law that prohibits penalizing suspending an employee for more than 60 days and guarantee paying him/her his full salary. Omar has been punished as he demanded paying workers their due financial compensations 
 On 30th December, 2014, Chairman of Al Nahar Al Khaled Ready- Made Garments Co. in Port Said issued a resolution to suspend Mohamed Eweis, General Secretary of the company independent union and Vice president of the EDLC. On Sunday, 4th, January , 2015 Eweis  has been interrogated and accused of insulting the Chairman at his office
Eweis negated all these accusations and asserted that he tried to meet the Chairman who has refused to approve a regular leave request to ask for the reason. The Chairman refused to meet him and insulted him in the presence of the company Senior Managers. It is worth mentioning that, eight months before,  the same company has decided to carry on a punishing comparing against independent union leaders who have started a strike refusing the transfer of their colleagues. Accordingly, the board has decided not to approve any leave request by any of the independent union leaders unless approved by the Chairman himself, knowing that approving leaves is the responsibility of the Sectors heads.  
Center of Trade Union & Workers Services
Cairo, 11th, January, 2015