Al Nasr For Weaving and Textiles Fires a worker for the Crime of Conducting a Poll

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 14:42

Hussien Al Shaftoura, CEO of Al Nasr for Weaving and Textiles issued a decree on May 14th terminating the employment of Mohamed Mohamed Bedair Al Sayed  Al Abd, forth computer clerk in the financial sector without specifying the reasons for the termination decree number 26 for the year 2017.

The worker Mohamed Al Abd published a poll on social media (on his Facebook page) directed to his colleagues about the role of the general union of weaving and textiles in labour issues and whether or not workers agree that the union should continue or not. He also added that this poll aims to introduce the union to the position that the workers hold regarding it without any mistakes according to him.

After he published the poll on May 8th he was surprised that there was a termination decree issued by the CEO without any reasons except the poll that he published on his Facebook page.

Mohamed Al Abd asserts that there are no other reasons for this decree which is what is indicated by the decree itself that has not specified reasons for the termination. Al Abd says that he will not give in to this tyrannical decision and will resort to the courts to vindicate him and return him to work from which he has been unjustly deprived.

The Center for Trade Union and Workers’ Services declares its full solidarity with the terminated workers Mohamed Al Abd and asserts that this is an arbitrary termination that demands a legal response.

CTUWS asserts that there is an escalation in exemplary punishments against workers and labour leaders, an increase in terminations among them and displacement of their families that will not lead to the stability that official boast day and night. In fact it will lead to a general state of hostility and escalating anger that has started to fill people’s hearts not because of any fault or crime that workers have committed but because they use their constitutional and legal right to hold their union organization accountable. This organization that has turned its back on them and directed its efforts to the interests of employers and company managements

Witnesses to the crime of Mohamed Al Abd’s termination leaves no doubt to the state of unity that has become obvious to everyone between the official governmental union organization that wants to monopolize union work (that has become an irreplaceable ally to company managements and businessmen) and business owners and company boards to the extent that a company board represented by its CEO issues a decree firing a workers in the same day that a memo is presented to it by the legal affairs department against the worker. This asserts that the official union has lost its most basic conditions of continuity as a union organization among the ranks of workers and not on the other side representing company boards that seek to protect it even from criticism.

CTUWS expresses its extreme alarm at such repetitive and obvious incidents that aim to terrorize workers and scare them and silence them with regards to their demanding and using their right to express their opinions about the union organization that they have been forced to enter. It expresses its surprise at the swift intervention of the company management that has no right to interfere in the relationship between workers and their unions even if this union that has become a burden on those who protect it and guarantee its continuity in defiance to verdicts and Egypt’s international obligations has asked for its help. Is the continuity of this official governmental organization more important to officials than the constitution and international agreements?!!!

CTUWS has asserted time and time again that there is no solution for this crisis of Egyptian Unions except the issuance of the union freedoms law that will enable workers to practice their full rights in establishing their unions freely and without intervention. This gives them the right to join or leave the union they want to join or leave. At the same time the Egyptian state will not endure the burden of a decadent organization that does not satisfy its workers and presents them with nothing other than fear and termination of their livelihood.


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