Al Sadat and 65 representatives submit a draft law for union freedoms to the parliament

Sunday, July 31, 2016 - 10:07

Mohamed Anwar Al Sadat, head of the human rights committee in the parliament, along with 65 representatives presented a draft law on union freedoms and the right to organize to the head of the parliament. The latter in turn sent it to the head of the legislative and labour committee in the parliament. Over 160 labour leaders and independent union leaders from the areas of Gharbiya, Sharkiya, Ismailia, Port Said, Suez, Qalioubia, Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Qena, Sadat City, 10th of Ramadan City, Helwan and Mahala met on July 19th in answer to an initiative by the Center for Trade Union and Worker Services. The meeting was attended by representatives Mohamed Anwar Al Sadat and Salah Eissa as well as a number of legal experts headed by Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al Borai, the former labour minister. They agreed to present a draft law on union freedoms and the right to organize that was drafted with the help of different labour groups in 2013, to the parliament. They asserted that they insist on this draft that gives workers the right to build their unions freely and preserves their independence. It is consistent with article 76 of the constitution stands against the governmental draft law that was discussed by the cabinet and that was referred to the State Council without any societal dialogue


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