A delegation of representatives of Independent Union Organizations, heads to the office of the prime minister  after failing to meet with the minister of labour

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Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 11:06


A delegation of representatives

of Independent Union Organizations

heads to the office of the prime minister

 after failing to meet with the minister of labour

On the morning of Tuesday 15th of January 2019 20 representatives of union organizations headed towards to the cabinet to present a complaint against the administrative obstinance that their organizations face that are all contrary to law number 213 for the year 2017 and its statute.

29 union organizations had presented a request to meet the ministry of labour. In the request they explained that they headed to te ministry with a number of members of parliament hoping to conduct a fruitfull meeting that may contribute to the solving of the pending problems. The ministry of labour informed them that the time of the meeting is not suitable for the minister and refused to set another appointment. This appeared to be a clear rejection of their request to meet the minister.

The union organizations that presented the complaint have long suffered from stalling and procrastination and for months have exhausted all means in addressing the ministry of labour and its different departments. The various departments have refused to accept the documents needed to establish union committees despite that they are complete according to the law. It also abstains from handing the establishment papers last May, that is seven months previously. It also abstained from enabling union organizations from holding their general assemblies so they can hold their elections. Finally the situation of many union organizations remains pending as they were unable to update their situation despite that they had presented these papers in due time and with all necessary documents. This all happened despite other union organizations being able to adjust their conditions according to similar documents and sometimes without documents.

Since the minister of labour refused to meet representatives of these unions and clarify the orientation of the ministry towards them, the presented their complaint today to the prime minister.

The secretariat of the council has received the complaint and request of delegation and promised to research it and work on setting an appointment with the minister of labour to deal with the above-mentioned situation.

                                                                                                        Attached is a copy of the note submitted to the Prime Minister


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