The manager of the Children’s University Hospital (Abu El Rish) Freezes the independent Union and Confiscates Its Stamps

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Monday, March 28, 2016 - 16:41
In the context of the continuous attack on independent unions the manager of the Children’s University Hospital (Abu El Rish) issued a decision to form a committee that will take over the premises of the independent union in the hospital. He also ordered the committee to confiscate the stamps of the union which is a stark intervention on the side of the hospital administration in the affairs of the union. This comes despite the fact that the union had provided the hospital with all the official papers that prove its existence as an independent corporation since its establishment on October 19th 2011 representing all its members. Its general assembly was held on April 22nd2013 and a new board was elected. It is worth mentioning that the union has repeatedly asked the hospital to deduct the union membership from the wages of members according to statements presented by them. The union received an approval from the general manager of Cairo University Hospitals on December 15th 2015 based on the opinion of the general department of consultations, contracts and complaints in university that concluded that deducting the monthly memberships for the union and transferring them to its account in the post office that the department has been notified of. The requests presented are to be reviewed by the hospital administration which is what the HR department in the hospital has stalled.

The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services is watching the series of continuous attacks on union freedoms that take us back to the tyranny and union monopoly and asks the government to respect article 76 of the constitution that states the right of Egyptians to establish unions and syndicates democratically and demands that Egypt respect its international obligations and conventions according to article 93 of the constitution.

The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services demands that the government immediately ends the abuse against independent unions and their leaderships and demands that the atmosphere be set for a democratic union practice that leads society to real stability based on social justice and respect for the rights of workers.

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