Training on 27-29 April 2014

من : 
Sunday, April 27, 2014
إلى : 
Tuesday, April 29, 2014

16 Trainees participated (15 men and one woman) representing the insurance union in Helwan, the Egyptian post union, the transportation union, Imams and preachers union, the educational administrators. And popular creators at CTUWS office in Helwan.

  1. Enabling trainees to understand the concept of collective leadership and union management in terms of collective work and collective decision making.
  2. Knowing how to manage records and union related book keeping and their importance in turning union work into institutionalized work away from haphazardness.
  3.  The participants’ knowledge of labour law and the extent its articles correspond to the standards and treaties that Egypt has signed. In addition to the quick handling of different legal matters and the method to legally appeal penalties that befall the worker during his work and spreading awareness of the rights guaranteed to them by law and international treaties.
  4. The trainees’ knowledge of collective negotiation skills including preparing a list of demands up to successful negotiation.
  5. The trainees knowledge of skills in organizing meetings and how to distribute union related assignments and specifying responsibilities, following them their execution and the stages of holding meetings and conditions of their success
  6. Helping trainees acquire leadership qualities and the difference between characteristic, skill and duty that has to be present in the at least its elementary form in union leaders