Urgent / The Detainment the Six Labour Leaders Is Extended for 15 Days

Thursday, October 6, 2016 - 09:41
State Security prosecution decides to continue the detainment of the six labour leaders (Tarek Mohamed Yousef Mostafa- Tarek Mohamed Al Sayed Behiri “aka Tarek Al Behiri” – Mohamed Hashem Farghaly Suliman- Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud “aka Ahmed Soks”- Mohamed Abdel Khalek Awadalla- Ayman Abdel Tawab Salem Mahmoud) from the general transportation authority, for 15 days pending investigations.
The prosecution accused the labour leaders of three accusations:
1. Calling for a strike
2. Inciting public employees against preforming the duties of their jobs
3. Belonging to a banned organization
The lawyers who attended the interrogations argued that these accusations are false and that there is no material proof that they are true. They demanded the release of the six workers as there are no grounds for holding the accused in pretrial custody as all six workers work in governmental agencies and have a known address and do not constitute a danger to society as well as that the accusations against them are null since striking is an act that is not criminalized and is stipulated in the constitution.. Moreover the strike did not take place.
As for the accusation of joining a banned organization, the lawyers argued that this is baseless and is a comic accusation that was subject to the sarcasm of their families and colleagues at work and anyone who knows the six workers since they are known to everyone and have practiced union related work for years… How was such an accusation suddenly discovered?!

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