Where Are Our Children?!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The families of the public transportation authority workers who have been arrested since the dawn of September 23rd 2016 held a press conference under the title (Where Are Our Children) in the offices of The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services in Cairo. In it they talked about the arrests and how their houses were brutally broken into and the subsequent disappearance of their families without them knowing their place of detention or the accusations directed at them. 

Kamal Abbas the coordinator of CTUWS and the member of the National Council for Human Rights inaugurated the conference. He pointed out that what happened to the six Public Transportation Authority workers who were arrested was contrary to article 54 of the Egyptian constitution that states that: (Personal freedom is a natural right that is preserved and cannot be intruded upon and untouchable except in case of being caught in the act. A person also may not be arrested or searched or be detained or have their freedom restrained in anyway except by judicial order in which the reason is stated and that requires an investigation. Any person whose freedom is restrained is to be immediately informed of the reasons and is informed of his rights in writing. He is to be enabled of telephoning his family and his lawyer immediately and is to be turned over to the investigative authorities during 24 hours from the time of his arrest. Investigations with him are not to be commenced except in the presence of his lawyer and if he does not have a lawyer one will be assigned for him with adequate help provided to people with special needs according to the procedures specified in the law); as well as article 58 which states (Homes are a sanctuary and other than cases of danger or calls for help they may not be entered, searched, watched or bugged except with a judiciary permission that includes a reason and specifies the place, time and purpose. All of this is to be within the conditions specified by law and in the way specified by it. Those inside the house should be warned upon entry and searching the house and they should be presented with the order in question). This did not happen when the houses of the six workers were broken into or in the case of those who were arrested in front of their houses.
Worker Tarek Mohamed Yosefs mother spoke about her son who was never a member of any parties of political movements and she is unaware of the reason of his arrest. She demanded that the state should inform her of her sons fate as she knows nothing about him since the dawn of last Saturday and until now. 
Aisha Ayman Abdel Tawab the daughter of the worker Ayman Abdel Tawab who also disappeared insisted on speaking in front of the journalists demanding the audience help bring back her father as she is used to not falling asleep except beside him and she cannot go to school with him returning. 
The wife of worker Mohamed Hashem  one of the six workers-  spoke, pointing out that he is a kidney patient and suffers a slipped disk and was on a four day leave from work and on his way to the hospital to be re-examined by a doctor so that his sick leave could be extended, before being arrested from in front of his house. Since then she does not know anything about him and asked to find out where he is detained and what are the accusations directed to him. 
The family members denounced what some newspapers published on the morning of 28/9/2016, that the six workers are a cell associated with the Muslim Brotherhood that works on obstructing governmental authorities and threatens stability.
The wife of worker Mohamed Abdel Khalek Awadallah said that her husband was arrested from his house without being given a reason or knowing his place of detention and without a permit. She asked where to go and who to talk to, to be able to check on her husband. She added that since he was arrested she leaves her house every morning in journey looking for him in the different police stations to no avail leaving her four children alone at home uncared for because they have no relatives and come from outside of Cairo. She demanded knowing her husbands fate and asserted that they do not want  a raise or incentives or anything other than her husband and the father of her children whose fate is unknown until now. 
Security forces had arrested six workers (Tarek Mohamed Yousef Mostafa, Tarke Mohamed Behiry known as Tarek El Behiry, Ayman Abdel Tawab Salem Mahmoud, Mohamed Hashem Farghaly Suliman, Mohamed Abdel Khalek Awadalla, Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Known as Ahmed Socks) in the dawn of Saturday September 23rd and they were taken to an unknown place. 
CTUWS filed a complaint with the general prosecutor about the incident of the disappearance of the six workers. It holds the number 12201 and is dates September 25th 2016 and the National Council for Human Rights presented two memos to the ministry of interior about the incident of the six workers demanding that their place of detention and the accusations against them be revealed. The families of the six workers also presented a complaint to the general prosecutor numbered 12321 dated 28/9/2016 and until now their place of detention and the accusations against them were not revealed. They were not able to meet their lawyers in stark contradiction to the Egyptian constitution and law and all legal traditions. 
CTUWS announces its full solidarity with the workers and their families and would like to point out that all procedures against the six arrested workers clearly contradicts the Egyptian constitution and aim at silencing workers and usurping their legal right to express their demands and defend them. What happened is a complete crime that cannot be over looked or pass without those responsible being held responsible. 
CTUW demands that all the democratic forces announce their full solidarity with the workers in the prosecution they face and the infringement on their constitutional rights. It demands of all officials to reveal the fate of the six workers and their place of detention and the accusations against them which is the most basic of their rights guaranteed by the constitution.
Click here to watch pictures and a video of the conconference
The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services (CTUWS)