Sixty members of Parliament submitted a Draft Law to amend the Law on Social Insurance and Pensions no. 148 for 2019 and its Explanatory Notes

Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 16:59

. The Draft Law includes amendment of articles related to irregular workers, as well as the addition of a number of categories ignored by the Law and exempting them from the requirement that they must complete ten years of subscription in insurance against aging, disability and death.

The Draft Law also includes cancelation of the increasing periods of subscription required to acquire pension after five years; amendment of provisions related to early retirement; merely requiring subscription for twenty actual years without the rest of requirements; and cancelling Schedule no. 5 attached to the Law.

The Draft Law also includes the amendment of the system of compensation and returning to the system that was in the repealed Law no. 79 for 1975. It also includes that the insured is to be entitled to a compensation for each year of the years of subscription above 36 years. The Draft Law also includes an amendment of articles related to unemployment compensation.

It is worth mentioning that CTUWS organized a series of discussions and events to know the opinions of workers and pensioners addressed by the provisions of the law. These efforts resulted in the preparation of a proposed draft to amend the aforementioned articles of the Law almost six months ago. The draft was presented before experts, labour leaders and a number of parliament members until finally the Draft Law and its Explanatory Notes were formulated based on that proposal.

CTUWS thanks all members of parliament who showed interest in the Draft Law, and submitted it to the Parliament; in particular Mr. Diaa El-Deen Dawood who adopted the Draft Law and exerted commendable and undeniable efforts to complete the procedures required for its official submission. CTUWS calls upon all labour leaders, all individuals addressed with the provisions of the Social Insurance and Pensions Law, political forces, and everyone who is interested in this issue which affects large parts of the people to express their support to the Draft Law submitted today and to call the Parliament and its specialized committees to urgently discuss and adopt it.


Center for Trade Unions and Workers Services

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