In Solidarity with Hussam Bahgat

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Monday, November 9, 2015 - 01:53


The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services on November 9, 2015:

From the Military Intelligence headquarters to the military prosecution, were the steps of journalist and activist Hossam Bahgat.

Hossam Bahgat had published a report on the trial of people who had been accused and convicted last August of ploting a military coup against the current Egyptian leadership with the help and participation of two of the top figures and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was consequently summond to the military Intelligence and from there taken to the military prosecutor according to Mada Masr Website for which Bahgat works.

The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services in solidarity with Hussam Bahgat asserts the following:

  • Bahgat’s dealing with investigations that have ended twenty months ago in convictions against the perpetrators. The report was not going to distort the investigations or contribute to an obstruction of investigations or harm them in any way.
  • This incident mentioned in the BBC on August 16 when the accused were convicted was no longer a secret since then
  • This case in no longer, in anyway a military secret requiring he punishment of those who spread it and therefore is this is no longer a revealing of military secrets
  • Accusing Hossam Bahgat of spreading false news that could harm public security does not correspond to the fact that the information published by Hossam Bahgat came from the case papers
  • The ideal way of dealing with journalists and bloggers is not military trials or calling them into the military intelligence and prison

The Center for Trade Union and worker Services denounces the arrest of Hossam Bahgat and his interrogation in front of the military prosecution and asserts its position that rejects the trial of civilians in front of military courts. Moreover it condems the attack on freedom of expression that the press is subjected to and the recurrent assaults on freedom of expression as guaranteed by the constitution.


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