A verdict of five years and 100000 LE in fines against the workers in Alexandria University Hospitals for demanding their rights

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 02:03

Al Atarin misdemeanors court verdict in case number 24239 for the year 2014 was five years and a fine of 100000 Egyptian Pounds as well as dismissal from the job against Magdy Badry the head of the union for workers in Alexandria University Hospitals, Mohamed Naguib, the employee in financial and administrative inspection in the Alexandria University Hospitals, Mohamed Anwar, elevator technician, Essam Ali a cleaner in the administration and Amr Al Said a temporary worker in the pharmacies for organizing a protest.

Workers in the Miri, A Hadara and Al Shatbi University hospital staged a sit in on November 8th 2014 to protest the low wages and the administration’s abstinence from paying incentives for the three months prior to the sit in because incentives were tied to the minimum and maximum wages.

Although the protestors did not obstruct work at the hospital during their protest but were keen on preserving the continuation of the work, they were punished by imprisonment and dismissal from their jobs that are their means of livelihood.

The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services rejects the criminalization of the employees’ demanding of their rights and announces its complete support and solidarity with the sentenced employees. The Center also asserts that such verdicts increase the tension and inflammation in society.

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