The Permanent Conference for Working Women Holds their Third Conference, The Conditions of Working Women in Egyptian Society (The Future we Look Forwards To) 28-29 July 2016

من : 
Thursday, July 28, 2016
إلى : 
Friday, July 29, 2016

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Find attached a Summary Report of the conference and some documents (in Arabic)

In light of the Permeant Conference for Working Women’s interest in the issues of working women and unions, the Center for Trade Union and Worker Services organized its third annual conference on the conditions of working women in Egyptian society. Its subtitle was (reality and perspective). It was attended by 80 working women, workers and union leaders representing their unions (independent teachers’ union; independent union of real estate taxes; handicrafts and trades; Egyptian Telecom; The Suez Canal; The Petroleum Pipes Company; workers in national associations; health services; Nasr for fertilizers; independent union for rural guides; independent union for provisions; independent union for farmers; independent union for post; independent union for Cairo University hospitals health sciences; education administrators; general union for pensioners; Faragalla; workers’ union; the regional union for Canal zone cities; the higher council for culture; the general union for investment) from several governorates (greater Cairo; Alexandria; Ismailia; Suez; Port Said; Qena) and a number of public figures. The conference discussed the socio-economic conditions of working women between their present and their perspectives. It also discussed problems and issues affecting their conditions and their consequences to find mechanisms, suggested by the members themselves, in a serious attempt to present them to the public opinion and decision makers to find solutions for the improvement of working conditions and environment for every Egyptian working woman in all official and unofficial work sectors.

In this context several research papers dealt with the conditions of working women in the investment sector and the image of working women in media as well as the presentation of the second report of the labour monitor in the Permeant Conference for Working Women which dealt with the Egyptian working woman in the investment secont and all official and unofficial work sectors.

The second day of the conference ended with a working plan and the most important issues that have to be worked upon to achieve the aims sought after.