Towards Genuine Representation of Workers: Independent Trade Unions Launch STUF Solidarity of Trade Unions Federation

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023 - 13:15


Towards Genuine Representation of Workers

Independent Trade Unions Launch Solidarity of Trade Unions Federation


Today, Solidarity of Trade Unions Federation (STUF) was born. Its founding general assembly approved the Constitution and elected the Executive Board thereof hoping to start a new phase of workers’ struggle led by a real federation of independent Egyptian trade unions.

The announced Federation comprises most existing independent trade unions. It is composed of one sectoral federation (comprising 25 unions) and 21 other unions covering different labour market sectors, i.e government sector, irregular employment sector, private sector, and public works sector.

The founding Assembly elected the Executive Council of the Federation including 13 members from the different labour sectors comprising the Federation. The Executive Council elected from its members a bureau comprising the President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Vice President, the Assistant General Secretary, and the Assistant Treasurer.

Kamal Abbas, the General Coordinator of CTUWS, moderated the opening session. Former Minister of Manpower, Dr. Ahmed El-Borai, spoke in that session and affirmed that it is necessary to have an independent labour union federation that genuinely represent workers, especially under conditions of rising unemployment rates and lack of job security, which should be the target of collective bargaining by workers.

Senator and Vice President of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Dr. Mohammed Taha Elewa, pointed out the importance of having a real voice for workers amid such huge economic crisis and unbalanced labour relations, and in light of the fact that the labour market is dominated by the private sector while the state completely abandons its responsibilities.

As the state controls the existing trade union federation and labour relations are severely unbalanced, speakers confirmed that it is important that the new Federation becomes a true voice, for workers, genuinely represents their demands, supports their right to establish their own unions according to law and Constitution without any interference.

Solidarity of Trade Unions Federation aims at becoming one of the main democratic forces, and joining their demands of freedom of association and expression, opening the public space, fostering social dialogue, and affirming rule of law for the preservation of social peace. 

In conjunction with this, a number of our regional partners were keen to attend the opening session via Zoom to congratulate unions on the establishment of the new Federation and show their support. They included Najwa Hanna (Regional Secretary of the Public Service International - PSI), Adnan Al-Saffar (General Secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions, Iraq), Ghassan Hejazy (International Relations Officer of the National Federation of Unions of Workers and Employees in Lebanon - FENASOL), Hend Chorouq (Solidarity Center, USA) and Mustapha El-Saied (ILO, Lebanon).

The opening ceremony was also attended by a number of political organizations and public figures from Egypt, including Elham Eidarous, Akram Ismail and Wafaa Al-Ashrey from the Bread and Freedom Party (under establishment), Dr. Karima El-Hefnawy from the Egyptian Socialist Party (under establishment), and Hassan Badawy and Amina Abdullah from the Egyptian Communist Party, as well as Mona Ezzat (an expert in women and labour issues) via Zoom.

On the other hand, the preparatory committee for the General Assembly included a number of prominent and experienced unionists including Mohamed Abou Qreish (the founder of the Independent Union of Workers in Telecom Egypt), Salah Al-Ansary (labour leader in the Iron and Steel Company and expert in labour training), and Ashraf Al-Sherbeiny (the Legal Consultant of CTUWS).

At the end, the elected leadership of the Federation called upon all independent trade unions to join in order to be united against the challenges faced by the Egyptian working class, especially in the private sector, and the informal sector which include more than two thirds of the labour force in Egypt.





Position in the Executive Council




Ahmed Roshdy Ahmed Al-Maghraby


Union of Fishermen in Damietta

Irregular Employment Sector


Abdel-Raouf Mohamed Ahmed Hussein

General Secretary

The Federation of Unions of Workers in the Ambulance Authority

Government Sector


Ahmed Abdel-Mordie AbdelAziz


The Union of Workers in Adult Education Authority

Government Sector


Karam Abdel-Haliem Mohammed

Vice President

The Union of Workers in the Clubs of Suez Canal Authority

Private Sector


Emam Mahdy Emam

Assistant General Secretary

Union of Workers in Mondelēz Egypt, Alexandria

Private Sector


Mohamed Naguib Abdel-Rahman

Assistant Treasurer

Union of Workers in Driving Services in Qalyubia

Irregular Employment Sector


Ibrahim Fawzy El-Gamal


The Federation of Unions of Workers in the Ambulance Authority

Government Sector


Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Mohammed


The Union of Workers in Hostels of Al-Azhar University

Government Sector


Mostafa Hamed Mohammed


The Union of Workers in Real Estate Taxation Authority in Ismailia

Government Sector


Hanaa Abdel-Hakeem Mohamed


The Union of Small Farmers in Samalout

Irregular Employment Sector


Yasser Abdel-Magued Mohamed Abdel-Magued


The Union of Workers in Construction in Gharbia

Irregular Employment Sector


Abeer Mohamed El-Habashy


The Union of Workers in Tourism in Cairo

Private Sector


Hossam Mokhtar Ali Al-Laqany


Union of Workers in Telecom Egypt

Public Works Sector





Towards Genuine Representation of Workers Independent Trade Unions Launches Solidarity of Trade Unions Federation

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