Support and Assistance Program of Societal Participation

This program is providing legal assistance which includes:

  • Provide direct daily legal advice related to the rights of workers and the trade union rights.
  • Provide rapid legal services to help workers who resort to employment offices (which belong to the Ministry of Manpower and Emigration), the Social Insurance Offices and the Health Insurance Offices. 
  • Assist workers who need to raise complaints to the concerned parties or forward reports to the General Prosecutor Office when workers are not allowed to enter their work places, denied their wages, or faced with defamation and violence.
  • Help workers who sustain labor injuries take the necessary steps to register and prove their injuries in order to obtain the suitable care and compensation.
  • Represent workers in lawsuits before the court and file cases on behalf of individuals or groups of workers (most of such cases are related to arbitrary dismissal, working conditions particularly long working hours and forced vacations, insurance rights, and compensation from work injuries).